Hurry, the FDA is cracking down on added sugars very soon. Are you ready?

Although the FDA has given an extension on the added sugar update, it is in your best interest to get ahead of the curve. This FREE report will get you the information you need to move your product in the right direction. It is becoming increasingly apparent that sugar causes diabetes, obesity and heart disease. Whether you are ready or not, food and beverage companies will soon be required to highlight added sugars.
As this discussion heats up in the media, healthy consumers will be watching their nutrition labels more than ever.

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Clean Label Sugar Reduction is the goal.
Erythritol will help you reach it.

In a study released by the Consumer Goods Forum, more than 102 food companies surveyed reformulated 180,000 products to support a healthier lifestyle and address public health issues. Ingredient suppliers and food technologists alike need to step up their game.  Companies like Walmart and Nestle are making changes, are you? 

This is your chance to create a clean label product that consumers will love.

Don’t get left in the dust.

1. The “Added Sugar” Scarlet letter

  • Consumers are demanding low-sugar, Non-GMO options.
  • According to an IFIC health survey, 48% of consumers say they are eliminating certain foods and beverages from their diet because of sugar.
  • Baby boomers are feeling the effects of poor lifestyle choices and changing the way they live.
  • Half of women surveyed said they are reducing their sugar intake.
  • Brands have recently started reformulating with stevia products, but there are many other healthy options consumers don’t know about. Consumers are becoming more health conscious, but they are still often misinformed about sweeteners.
  • Clean labels have enormous customer appeal and will not go unnoticed by diabetics, low glycemic dieters and anyone living a healthy lifestyle.
  • Cities like Boulder, San Francisco and Albany were the latest major US cities to implement sugar taxes on soft drinks. This is also a global issue; many countries are making similar changes when it comes to sugar consumption.
  • Children are our future, and parents no longer want to buy sugary products for their young ones.
  • Weight gain and diabetes are some of the biggest issues facing the sugar industry.
  • 75% of consumers surveyed said that sugar content affects their purchasing behavior.

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2. Erythritol is Not Your Average Sugar Alcohol

  • Erythritol is one of the most revolutionary sweeteners to hit the market in decades.
  • It can make deep, clean cuts in up to 99% of added sugars!
  • Sugar substitutes get a bad rap, but erythritol has no aftertaste.
  • Molecules in erythritol stimulate the sweet taste receptor in your tongue just like sugar, but it is not metabolized by the human body. Because of this it contributes just .2 calories per gram
  • Erythritol does not spike blood sugar or insulin because humans don’t have the enzyme needed to break it down.
  • Erythritol can potentially reduce the risk of heart disease by improving blood vessel function.
  • Smile big! Erythritol is healthier for your teeth, because it does not erode teeth like sugars do. Say goodbye to tooth decay!
  • Unlike other polyols, erythritol has few, if any any digestive side effects.
  • It is non-carcinogenic and is an antioxidant that could help fight the aging process.

3. Consumer-Friendly Benefits of Erythritol

“Very soon you will no longer need a microscope, a calculator, or a degree in nutrition to figure out whether the food you’re buying is actually good for our kids”

-Michelle Obama

This is what guilt free tastes like!

Worried your product will lose the flavor that keeps customers coming back?

It’s not too late to reformulate! Reduce your sugar without sacrificing taste.

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